Gerardo Arrieta Aranda

- Mariman (Spirit of the Condors) 


Chilean Spiritual Leaders and Medicine Man from the Council Member of the Nation of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, Seeker of Vision, Sun Dancer, he has the blessing to direct Temazcal (sweat lodge), Circles and Ceremonies of the Sacred Way.


Therapist and instructor at Deep Muscle Therapy (TMP) and Neuropuntura. Specializing in the Law of Time (Wisdom Maya), Karuna and Usui Reiki Levels I and II, Homa Therapy, angelology, Yoga Vedanta, Kundalini Yoga, Yogic Massage, Reflexology, acupressure and massage Sacro-Cranial. Over 11 years experience in healing.


His work, path, cerermonies and gathering are recognized in Southamerica (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela), Mexico, Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Holland, Poland, Uk, Czech Republic) Oceania (Australia) and Asia (Thailand, Bali, India and Nepal).

We are a Traditional Red Road, The Way of the Heart, a spiritual path of the ancient wisdom of the 4 races. We practice lessons and instructions left by our ancestors through rituals and ceremonies spaces designed to produce the encounter with ... oneself, with nature and with the sacredness of life, through personal and group experiences. We are present as an organization in America and Europe for over a decade to make significant and ceremonial meetings between those who have the Vision Quests, Sun Dances, Dances of the Spirits, sweat lodges, the work with the Sacred Pipe, among others ceremonial tradition.


We recognize ourselves as a nation and an aboriginal people who agree and acknowledge its connection to the Great Mystery. We recognize the primary existence of Earth, Air, Water and Fire as origin and source of life, we recognize ourselves as givers of life and as such are our first and closest family.

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Recognize the relationship with all beings and principles that become the same source. We assert our legitimate rights as heirs and custodians of knowledge originates, to practice the teachings and instructions contained in the traditions of our Ancestors. We recognize in our consciousness, in order to be absolutely everything that we can be, and realizing our potential as a living expression of Creation.


Our commitment in this path is to share the heritage that is for everyone who recognize as children of Father Sun and Mother Earth, give him back the legacy of our grandparents that belong to every human being. We perform the ceremonies of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan to establish partnerships and cooperation agreements with indigenous peoples, spiritual traditions or entities whose purpose is similar. Strengthen ties with the various spiritual traditions and indigenous peoples of Mother Earth.



In this ceremonies we will remember that we are part of nature, this spirit of Pachamama and reflect on our purpose and responsibility of life, activities, magic and internal vibration, creating awareness and new realities.


You are invited to a gathering of experiences designed to meet and share a common experience as Sons of Mother Earth in prayer traditions of partnership between the Eagle and the Condor, in good standing with the Seasons, Directions, Races and Elements unite in one mind and create partnerships that allow us to consolidate our way with sincere appreciation


The purpose is to reach a deeper understanding of the healing process of each to achieve our wellbeing, using the benefit and healing power of the elements of your medications and the understanding of our inherited memory. In the view of Native American Tradition, when a man gets sick (which is the symptom) is the disease that points the way of balance and so the person begins a journey of spiritual reunion.


We will share a series of activities which strengthen our relationship with the Sacred integrating the 4 elements: Earth - Body, Water - Heart, Air - Mind, Fire - Spirit, becoming part of an indivisible whole.




The knowledge of heaven, earth, the entire universe can be purchased directly from a good relationship with an open mind, with a true spirit, and grandfather medicine is one of these spirits. Through this relationship our ancestors understood good life. Through this grandfather of this sacred medicine they met in visions and ceremonies all corners of the earth and the depths of the universe.


The Circle of medicine is a ceremony of prayer and song that lasts all night that we sat in a circle before the fire, and is intended to connect the individual with himself and with the universe, thus helping to find answers that we need in our lives, to see our skills and talents, to confront our fears and to face that lives within us. This knowledge brings freedom to everyone and lets us see these aspects of Being which lie beneath the surface of physical reality and discover other worlds of consciousness.




The Temazcal is an ancient Native American traditional ceremony that allows recreate our impressions and projections about the world, consciously modifying our original codes. Is performed in a circular space called Inipi that is the womb of our Mother Earth. We raise a fire represents the sun and its creative power, where stones are heated until they are completely red and we enter the temazcal waiting for them sitting in a circle.


Then close the temazcal, starting where we experience our being intimately connected through the darkness and warmth of the stones and made 4-door movements or through prayers, intentions, chants and silence.


Entering this belly is a powerful experience for the treatment of many diseases, stimulates internal organs and clean our be releasing toxins, stress, and accumulated energy for different reasons.




In this ceremony we express our hearts and strengthen our connection with all of our relationships through this tool delivered by our ancestors, with which we raise our prayers to the Great Spirit.



We uplifting through the medicine of the Sacred Chants of indigenous traditions. It performs as designed and delivered by our leaders shared the rattle and drum, sacred instruments of the tradition. 




We share as followers of the pulse of the universe and express ourselves with medicine Drum evoking our essence with songs and prayers consolidating our relationship with the creative rhythm. We connect, heal and raise the spirit from the understanding of being children of Mother Earth and Father Sky. 




Offering Ceremony Old ritual of harmonization and synchronization with nature where we invoke and activate the energies of renewal. We feed Mother Earth and their spirit. We appreciate the continuity of life, we renew our ties to and receive their blessings and protection for all our relationships. 


INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION (by arrangement) 




Deep download experience made with instruments of power with the intention of re-point energy, align the chakras, the resolutions to clarify and purify the subtle bodies, emotional, mental and spiritual. 


Recommended for people who are going through difficult processes and who wish to alleviate pressure and release. It's a ritual and magical experience which brings wisdom Ancestral all our Self Duration: 1 hour




Powerful Therapy cellular memory release retained by life experiences of psychological origin, emotional and physical.


Through slow and deep pressure manipulation in the muscle areas there is a corrective and therapeutic effect by releasing stress and chronic pain. Increased mobility, vitality, energy vibration and generates well-being. This therapy includes the physical, emotional and etheric patient. Length 1.5 hours

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