Vision Quest Ceremony 2017

“The Call of the Heart, Surrendering to Yourself”​

Listen to the Spirit of the Mountain

Uma Meditação Profunda com seu Eu

February, from day 23 to March 1, 2017


This experience will happen in February, from 04 (Thursday) to 10 (Wednesday). The departure from São Paulo will take place on 04, at 06h00min am.


The trip takes about 4 to 5 hours for anyone who leaves from SP or RJ. For those going from Belo Horizonte, the travel takes about 5 to 6 hours. We will keep contact with people to see if you can arrange a ride.

If you want to go by bus, you should get it destination Caxambu, MG . Upon arriving in Caxambu, you should catch another bus to Aiuruoca. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes.


We ask people going by bus, to be at the central square of Aiuruoca, between 14 and 15 hs. This is the group's arrival time in the city. You should wait in the square, until everyone is ready to go to Matutu (Ecological Reserve), place where is situated the guest house of Patrimônio do Matutu. (



Payment at sight in check or money: R$ 1.770,00
Credit card: R$ 1.875,00
To pay by installments in check:

2x - R$ 960,00 (R$ 1.920,00) 
3x - R$ 690,00 (R$ 2.070,00)


The value includes:

* Hosting,
* Food,
* Sweat lodge ceremonies, vision quest and purification at the end of work,
* All materials to be used.



Thursday (02/23)
- Meeting for clarification, with a little aura and chakras cleansing ceremony to put away negative energies.
Friday (02/24)
7h – Breakfast

8h – Construction of Sweet Lodge (during construction, it will be made some explanations about this Tradition) .
12h – Lunch (light food).
13h às 17h – Free time to rest.
18h – Sweet Lodge Ceremony – Rest.
Saturday 25)
06 h - Departure to the mountain.
Upon arriving at the site of the Vision Quest ceremony, Sthan will position each participant in their respective place, where everyone should stay until the end of the quest.
Each one will receive information and guidance about his own personal life process and focus.
During the four days upon the mountain, Sthan Xanniã will visit each participant to see how the process is unfolding and give individual guidance. Besides making prayers and songs in order to strengthen and awaken the personal essence of each one.
Tuesday (02/28)
Sthan recolherá cada pessoa de seu espaço para se juntar ao grupo novamente, na Pedra Cerimonial, onde será feito uma reintegração e renovação das energias físicas, emocionais, mentais e espirituais.
Serão servidos 4 tipos de alimentos para a reestruturação de cada participante. Neste momento desceremos a montanha em direção à pousada onde todos descansarão.
Sthan will collect each person from their space to join the group again, in the Ceremonial Cave, where it will be made ​​a reintegration and renewal of physical, emotional , mental and spiritual energy.
It will be served 4 types of food in order to restructure each participant. At this time we will go down the mountain toward the inn where everyone will rest.


Wednesday (03/01)
7h – Breakfast.
8h – Closure (it will be made a small closing ceremony and individual reading of each participant). After the ceremony, each participant will be free to return to their cities.


Whatever is taken to the mountain, it must be packed into two different packages, one will rise in the animal's back and the other that will rise with it's owner.
Follows a suggestion of what should be taken in each of the packages, being under responsibility of the seeker itself to decide how these packets should be divided:
Package to get on the backs of animals:
- Sleep bag;
- 2 or 3 blankets;
- Confortable clothes;
- Sweater, blouse;
- 1 garbage bag package (10/20 liters);
- 2 or 3 unsanitary paper rolls.
Package to climb with the seeker:
- Insect repellent;
- sunscreen lotion;
- Canteen or water bottle;
- Raincoat;
- Boots and/or shoes for hiking;
- Swimsuit (towels, swimming trunks/swimsuit);
- Flashlight (take reservations batteries);
- Personal objects to be blessed and strengthened ;
- Maracá / Drum (if you have).
If you are taking any prescription drug, or have some physical, heart or breathing problems, or are allergic to any medications, please let us know .


Note: This work is aimed to people who want to understand a little more about themselves (self-knowledge), who want to put/see new life goals, karmic identifications, patterns breaking, rebirth, people who want to amplify their healing gifts, redemption and understanding of past lives, rescue self-esteem.
Place: Aiuruoca-Minas Gerais.
From 04 to 10, February, 2016
Return, Ash Wednesday

Information and Registration:
(11) 97647-8753 / (11) 99267-8774 (MadhuNayxlan) ou 
(11) 99946-6542 (Rodrigo)
(35) 9912-1345 - Speak with Carla or Luiz









Organization and Realization:
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